Old band photo's Cees

(1958) Rhine Town Dixie Preachers
Henk de Jong -trombone Bert Verhoef -clarinet
Steven Nederhorst -banjo Joost Batelaan-bass/piano Johan Raapis-drums

(1961) Rhine Town Dixie Preachers
Pier Claes Manger Cats- drums Wim Helders-bass

(1962) Rhine Town Dixie Preachers
Henk de Jong,Wim Helders,Pier Claes Manger Cats,Joost Batelaan,Steven Nederhorst,Bert Verhoef.

(1963) Rhine Town Dixie Preachers
Gouda (Open air concert in special outfit)

(2001)Rhine Town Dixie Preachers Gouda (Reunion concert)
Joost Batelaan,Jacques Leroux,Steven Nederhorst,Henk de Jong,Bert Verhoef,Pier Claes Manger Cats.

Rhine Town Dixie Preachers are back! Click HERE for more information

(1973) Comedy Pipers at Nieuwspoort press centre
Herman Singelenberg,Jules Raakers,Frans Jehee,Wim Maljers,Koos Montfoort.

(1975) Haegsche Bluf Band
Frits Kaatee, Henk Rijnberg, Hans Eekhoff, George Kaatee,
Cees van den Heuvel, Pim Hoogervorst, Ome Jan de portier van de NOS

(1974) Ted Easton 's Alternate Takes
Jan Molegraaf,Frits van 't Hoff,Hans Eekhoff,Ted Easton,
Flip Robers,Herman Oppenneer.

Flip Robers, Jan Molegraaf, Nat Gonella

1974 Dick Cary in front of Ted Easton's Alternate Takes
Flip Robers,Hans Eekhoff,Pieter de Graaff,Kees van der Zaal,Eugene de Bruyn.

1976 Hans Eekhoff, Flip Robers, Spiegle Wilcox, Many Klein, Bert Noah

1974 Peter Schilperoort,Bud Freeman

1980 Cees,Kuuk and Max Nunes Rodrigues concert Rossia Moscow red square

(2000) Benoordenhout Session Band
Chris Smildiger,Ferry Meininger,Wim Kolstee, Jan Wouter Alt.

(1988) Revival Jass Band Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

(2001) Kuuk Griep 40 years in jazz. Guests:Louis Bink, Dim Kesber

(2001) Kortrijk: Jules Raakers, Pim Hoogervorst, Colin Bowden

(2002) Golden River City Jazz Band Kortrijk, Belgium

(2004) Bobcats

Pim Hoogervorst, Dolf del    Bertrice Reading                 Freddy Crump
Prado, Huub Janssen

Daisy Oosterhuis                       Cees in Dixieland    
Frits Kaatee All Stars Numansdorp 2004                 Liberation day 2005 Naaldwijk (Frits Kaatee,Robert Veen,Theo vd Helm)

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Wanna have some fun?
About 30 minutes of my anouncements in MP3-format.
You'll need a broadband connection, the size is about 15 Megs.
Recorded live on a casette recorder at the Sacramento festival,
so don't expect high audio quality, but you will be able to feel
the atmosphere the Revival Jass Band can create.
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