Trombonist and singer Bas van Gestel (37) started his musical career at a very young age. Inspired by bands like the "Dutch Swing College Band" and the "Firehouse Five Plus Two" he developed a never ending love for trad jazz, a music style that- at that time- was not very popular in his peer group of young musicians. At the age of 15 he already played the trumpet and valve trombone in a dixieland band in his home town, a small village called Berkel-Enschot. The band, consisting of musical friends from his direct neighbourhoud, was soon discovered by various TV- and radiostations. "Gigging" (In Hollland called "schnabbelen") had begun! In that time Bas won several (solist-) prizes for his outstanding jazz improvisations. After hearing Bert Boeren, Carl Fontana and Frank Rossolino, his choice of instrument was evident: trombone became his main instrument. His enthousiasm, great feeling for jazz and the addicting response the audience supplied, resulted in developing his art at a conservatory level. His teachers were trombonemasters like Bart van Lier, Bob Brookmeyer and Bert Boeren. During his education at the conservatory he played with various famous musicians like Clark Terry, J.J. Johnson, Wynton Marsalis and Carl Fontana, to name the most famous ones. At the age of 19 Bas was invited by the Revival Jass Band as the successor of Dick Sleeman. Within a year after that he was also asked to become a member of the band of the ex-Dutch Swing College Band drummer Huub Janssen as the successor of his former teacher Bert Boeren. Bas also played in various big bands, subbed in numerous jazz bands as trombonist and led his own pop group as a keyboard player and singer. With all these bands he had the opportunity to become a globetrotter playing in Bangkok, Singapore, Angola, Sacramento, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Switserland etc. He also appeared on radio- and tv-shows in the Netherlands and abroad with various bands. Now he plays in three professional bands: Revival Jass Band, Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazz Band en Bas van Gestel's Dutch Dixieland All Stars. He was recorded on numerous LP's an CD's. In the past six years Bas also took part in shows by the famous Dutch hit singer Guus Meeuwis, frequently performing in very large halls like the Rotterdam Ahoy en the Amsterdam Arena Stadium, which were all shown on TV. Apart from his "day job" representing a firm in sun blinding shields Bas is regurlarly active as a studio musician and arranger. His motto's: "music is the best thing there is....wearing clothes" and "keep the jazz music alive!",still give him the inspiration to keep on playing! Bas plays a King trombone 3B with a Vincent Bach 12C mouthpiece.

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