Cees van den Heuvel
The first record Cees bought for his first own pick-up was Pat Boone singing Bernardine. The second one was Louis Armstrong playing Back o' town blues. Then he knew he wanted to play the trumpet. At the age of 15 he nagged his parents up to the point they bought him his first trumpet, thinking it would be over soon. He started trying to learn to play the instrument by himself, using a system of writing down the valve numbers, so When the Saints became 0 2 0 1....and so on. He "sophisticated" this system by adding all kinds of other signs for tempo, thrills, key etc. Until now he uses this system, added by jazz feeling and memory. After practicing for a week or two a local clarinet player walked by and asked him to join a band called the Rhine Town Dixie Preachers.This band won several prizes and became one of the most busy amateur jazz bands in the Netherlands in the sixties , playing more than 150 gigs a year. There is hardly any hall, cafe, club, even church that they did'nt play for. The band stayed active until 1975,the last five years led by Cees who became especially famous for his singing and hilarious presentation. When he moved to the Hague he became a member of the locally famous Comedy Pipers for five years. In 1976 Ted Easton organised a new band to alternate with his hitmaking Ted Easton's Jazz Band.This band was called The Alternate Takes and existed for 5 years, touring Holland, Germany, France, Denmark and the former DDR. Cees developed his unique style - like it or not: within 5 notes you'll know it's Cees playing- based on Armstrong, Eldridge and Wybe Buma. Blessed with a natural embouchure Cees explored the high register, not squeeking but played with full body. This gave him his nick name: "high Cees". When Ray Kaart (then ex Dutch Swing College Band) was called back to the DSC,Cees replaced him in the Amsterdam based Revival Jass Band. He stayed in this wonderful strong heavy hitting and swinging band until now, travelling all over the world, combining his teaching of Dutch literature at College and his first love: trad jazz. He has always been and will be a strong advocate for in his view the only jazz form that is based on collective contrapunctual improvisation, where constant listnening to each other and reacting is the basis. He believes that that is what jazz is all about. When Huub Janssen left the Dutch Swing College band after 25 years he started his own band based on the Revival Jass Band style. This very successfull band toured all of Europe and is also still going strong. Cees played in the Belgian Golden River City Jazz Band for more than 20 years. His favourite trumpet: Selmer Balanced Action. Rudy Muck 19C ,Monette 2B- mouthpiece. More info: click HERE

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