Eric Laanen
Eric (60) was born and raised in Utrecht. He even served his - in the Netherlands every healthy young man is liable to service- army time in that city in the centre of Holland, and he still lives there. He took classical piano lessons at he age of six, starting on a more or less compulsory basis, but he growed to like the lessons and music became an important part of his life. Already at the age of 14 he started gigging, first with the school band and later on with a band led by the Dutch tuba player Peter Dortmond. At the age of 17 he switched to the clarinet as an autodidact. Soon after the switch he started playing the clarinet in one of the leading Dutch jazz bands, the Pall Mall Jazz Band, led by Niek van den Sigtenhorst, where the expierienced and well known Jan Weijgers (Jean Francois) was the cornettist. In the seventies Eric played in the Swingcopaters led by the drummer Eddy Rieff and later on in the All Styles Swing Society, a Gouda based band led by Ed van Dantzig (banjo). With this band the international tours started: in 1977 and 1978 Eric played at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. In 1982, when he was asked to join the Revival Jass Band, the touring really became world wide! (See: band history)
Eric plays Selmer clarinets (10G and Recital) equipped with a custom made mouthpiece and Rico reeds 2.5/3.5. Like most reed players he also plays various saxophones, but his real love is the clarinet. His style is influenced by post war Dutch dixieland, especially by the unique Dutch clarinet player Jan Morks. But also other jazz styles have his interest, e.g.: Phil Woods, Zoot Zims, Oscar Peterson and Piet Noordijk. Eric's very broad musical horizon, including Bach, Balkan music, Salsa, Merengue,Bachata, Fado ,etc are heavily related to his love for travelling. Coming back from holidays he brought home numerous LP's an CD's from Rumainia, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia. Half way the nineties he fell in love with South-America, especially in Ecuador he spends most of his holidays. So it is not a co´ncidence that the Revival Jass Band performed in Quito!

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