(Photo: Davide Piras)
Jos van Bueren

Jos, a classical (!) trumpet player and teacher started playing double bass on the side.
In a suprisingly short time he became one of Holland's best and most reliable bass players.
For more than 12 years he played the bass in the famous Dutch  trad jazz
band The Ne Orleans Syncopators. With this band he toured all over the world,
performed at numerous jazz festivals including the North Sea Jazz Festival.
He accompanied famous jazz musicians like Teddy Wilson, Cat Anderson, 
Marian & Jimmy Mc Partland and Vic Dickenson to name a few.
For more than 12 years he was the bass player of the Frits Kaatee Quartet,
a very popular band which was in great demand. With this quartet he played
numerous gigs, from little clubs to big concert halls.  He performed with all kinds
of musicians, e.g. Rufus Harley, a bag pipe player (!) but  also with Scott Hamilton
Warren Vaché, Joke Bruijs, Wim Koopmans and Milly Scott.
He recorded with most of those stars. For the last  20 years Jos  also was a member of 
Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazz Band. Because Cees, Richard, and Bas also played
in this band his joining of the Revival Jass Band, in March 2007 was a logical and natural step!

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