Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazz Band

Huub was knighted on the 22th of October 2006!!!
February 2007:A 5 day visit to Spain


A spin-off of the Revival Jass Band is Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazz Band.
While still playing in the Dutch Swing College Band, Huub performed as a
guest in the Revival Jass Band. He was so much thrilled by their approach
to jazz, that he then decided to start his own group based on this band:
3 to 5 members of the Revival Jass band are also members of his band now,
and dividing their time between Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazz Band and
the Revival Jass Band. The interaction has become very fruitful!

Line up:

Cees van den Heuvel -trumpet/vocals
Bas van Gestel             -trombone/vocals
Eelco van Velzen         -trombone (sub)
Marco Kuipers              -clarinet, saxes
Antoine Trommelen    -saxes (sub)
Richard Endlich           -tenor banjo/guitar
Jos van Bueren            -bass
Frans Bouwmeester   - bass (sub)
Huub Janssen              -drums, vocals, leader

    Huub Janssen  
A jazz musician for 45 years, Huub Janssen (16 January 1937) earned his
reputation in the Dutch Swing College Band with whom he played for 25 years.
He travelled all over the world with them and took part in many TV shows, radio
programmes and albums. His drum solos are famous everywhere and he has
become a popular studio musician. Apart from the Dutch Swing College Band
concerts, for years he has also played regularly with the Flashback Quartet 
and especially with his own Amazing Jazz Band, an occasional formation of 
first-class Dutch Dixieland musicians. In 1987 their first album was released 
on Timeless (CD TTD536) to be followed in the early nineties by Huub Janssen 
Meets Dick Huis (CD TTD 560). Huub has also played and recorded with such 
world-famous jazz musicians as Teddy Wilson, Billy Butterfield, Lilian Boutte,
Greetje Kauffeld, Bob Wilber, Bud Freeman, Scott Hamilton, Ruby Braff, 
Wild Bill Davis, Joe Venuti, Chris Barber, Warren Vache, Peanuts Hucko,
Rod Mason, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball and Milt Jackson. He has been awarded 
several prizes: ExportAward 1990 (with DSC), Duke of Duketown Award 1993 
and Special Appreciation Bird Award 1994 (with DSC).


Funny Rolls
Easy rider
When it's sleepy time down South

Huub on Timeless Records click HERE

Jubilee concert Rosmalen

Tilburg Jazz Festival

Janssen and Antolini, Europe's top drummers

Bas van Gestel Cees van den Heuvel Frits Kaatee
Richard Endlich Huub Janssen Jos van Bueren

Swinging Hannover
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NDR live broadcast. Click HERE
Video Enhuizen jazzfestival, click HERE

Rhein Hotel Dreesen Bad-Godesberg

Köln Hyatt Sommer Jazz                                          Baden Baden

Battle of the drums in Dietzenbach                                                 Concert Jever (Germany)

Drum battle Lenk
Choufferie Achouffe

Jazz meeting Biel (CH) Nov 6th 2004

Breda Jazz Festival , May 8th 2005

Sonneberger Jazztage 05-11-2005, session with the
Swinging Fireballs and the Köstritzer Jazz Band (Photo's by Peter Müller)