Trad Jazzbands

In memoriam Jim Goodwin
Rhine Town Revival
Birdie Seven
Aces of syncopation
4 wheel drive
Limehouse Jazzband
Funny House Jazz Band
Hot Jazz ambassadors
Big Easy Rascals
Windy City Jazzband
South Jazzband
Jerry Steyger Band(s)
Dim Kesber and friends
Country Side Jazzband
Delftse Studenten Dans Harmonie
Cotton Town Jazzband
Ceres Band
Blue Marble Silver Cornet Band
Spectacles Jazzband
McDixie Swing Company
Cobblestone Revival Jazzband
Crusaders Dixie Stompers
Folk University Jazzband
Falcon Town Jazzband
Plausible Pleasure Ragtime Band
Happy Feet Brass Band
Seven Fourties Swing
Basin Street Jazzband
Willy Ashman's Original Jazzband
Sunny Side Jazzband
Blue Goose Society
Sail Jazzband
Feurth Street Lumber Factory
Dutch Swing College Band
Square Jazzband
Harbour Jazzband
Spirit of St. Louis
Alice in Dixieland
Circus Square Jazzband
Stable Roof Jazzband
Jazz Connection
Continental Six
Autoreverse Jazz Orchestra
Tin Pan alley Jazzband
Savoy Jazzmen
Never Mind Jazzband
Efkes Anders Jasskapel
Free Time Old Dixie Jass Band
Old Fashioners
New Orleans Rumples
Papa Dre's Dixie Paraders
Coeur Vagabond
May Day Jazzband
Enckhuyser Jazzmadley
Just Friends
T(otal) C(onfusion) Jazzband
French Quarter Jazzband
His Masters Noise
Antoine Trommelen
Huub Janssen
Michael Varekamp
New Orleans Dixie Skaters
Piece of Cake Jazzband
Riverside Jazzband
Senior Jazzmen
Royal Dutch Jazzband
Lazy River Jazzband
Jurbena Jazzband
Just Dixie
Dixieland Connection
'n Toontje Hoger
Twilight Stompers
Eurocity Jazzband
Pax New Orleans Jazzband
Flying Dixies
Old Iezer Jazzband
Intercity Jazzmen
Dixie Mates
Radio Town Jazzband
Dokter, Jazz and Co
Over the waves
Swing Cats
Joep Peters
High Brow Jazzband
Oriental Jazzband
Orient Dixieland Express
Hurricane Brass Band
High Society Jazzband
Basily Gipsy Jazz
Bil Sousa's Happy Dixie Band
Hammerfield Stompers
Charlestown Jazzband
Euphonia Novelty Orchestra
Herringtown Jazzband
Ixie Dixie Jazzband
Lamarotte Jazzband
Juggets Jazzband
Midlife Revival Jazzband
Storyville Jassband
Dixieland Crackerjacks
West Coast Jazzband
Able-Bodied Seamen
Toetsie Foetsie Jazzband
MLC Jazzband
Miss Lulu White's Red Hot Ceole JB
Louisiana Rhytm Kings
Jazzica Swing Combo
Inter City Jazz Men
Dixie Express
Ken Colyer Memorial Jazz Band
N.O. Longfield Jazz Crackers
Gretsch Combo
New Orleans Syncopators
New Dixie Dawn
Rhine Town Dixie Preachers

Golden River City Jazzband
Dockside Jazzband
Julians New Orleans Jazz Friends
Crook Town Jazzband
Belgian Dixie Kings
Oak City Jazzband
Superior Dance Band
Pajot Swing Jazzband
Jeggpap Jazzband
Closer Walk Jazzband
Fondy Riverside Bullet Band
N.O. Train Jazz Band
Lexy´s Lads Dixieland Band
Strawberry City Jazz Band
Piccolo Dixieland Band
Dreamteam (jazz band)
Dixieland Street Band
Daddy's Darlings
Almost Swinging Jazz Band

Swing Delight
Gunhild Carling Swing Band
Barfota Jazzmen
Jesses New Orleans Band
Mississippi Seven
Paul and his gang
Jazzin' Jacks
Jazzin' Topzies
Royal Blue Melodians
Tratt Bandet
Spicy advice Ragtime Band
Peoria Jazzband
Vintage Jazz Big Band
Big Papa Henry's N.O. Jazzband
Carling Family
Sir Bourbon Dixieland Band
Cotton Pickers
Gustens Svänggäng
Göta River Jazzmen
Max Lagers N.O. Stompers
Swing & Sweet Orchestra
Lena Stompers
Prima (tribute to Louis Prima)

Riverside City Jazz Band
The Old Jazz Men
Burgundia Jazzband
Copenhagen Washboard Five
Basement Jazz Band
Dixieland Jubilees
Tuxedo Jazzband
Tin Roof Jazzband
Paul Harrison Band
New Orleans Delight
Caledonia Jazzband
New Orleans Four
Peruna Jazzmen
Soryville N.O. Jazzband

Old Time Jazzband
Dr. Jazz
Neanders Jazzband
Alvi's Dixie Stompers
Black Swan Classic Jazz Band
Skip Parsons Dixieland & a.t.j.
Fulton Street Jazz Band
Pullman Conductors of Jazz
Jimmy Mazzy and Friends
Usonia Jazz Band
Side Street Strutters
Phil Ogilvie's Rhytm Kings
Black Tuesday Jazz Band
Imperial Palm Orchestra
Blue Bone Express
New Red Onions Jazz Babies
Razzmajazz Dixieland Jazzband
New Orleans Jazz Vipers
South Bay Stompers
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Bob Ringwald
St. Gabriels Celestial Brass Band
Maine Street Paraders
Wolverine Jazzband
Lillian Boutté
Dixie Barons
Dixie Barons Dixieland Band
Ross Tucker's Hot Cats
Polly's Hot Paupers
West End Jazzband
Ancient Mariners Dixieland Band
Panorama Jazzband
Bearcats Jazzband
Stompy Jones
Hotsy Totsy Boys
Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics
Natural Gas Jazzband
Eli Newberger, tuba specialist
Doreen's Jazz New Orleans
Creole Dixieland Jazzband
Barbone Street Jazzband
Blue Horizon Jazzband
The Real Dukes of Dixieland
The (new) Dukes of Dixieland
Southern Jazz
Jonathan Russel
Original Dixieland Jazzband
New Orleans Spice
Dixie On The Side
Buck Creek Jazzband
Happy Tymes Jazzband
Cynthia Sayer
New Black Eagle Jazzband
Electric Park Jazzband
Golden Gate Rythm Machine
Storyville Stompers
Liberty Hall Jazz Quartet
Dixie Swing
Toll House Jazzband
Magnolia Jazzband
Jim Cullum Jazzband
Dixie Lion Jazzband
10th avenue Jazzband
Banjo Buddies Dixieland Band
Barrelhouse Jazzband
And That's Jazz
Mission Gold Jazzband
Fog City Stompers
Bay State Bands
Big Mama Sue
Mile High Madmen of Dixie
Hot Club de San Francisco
Original Red River Steamboat Band
Queen City Jazzband
Riverside Dixieland Jazzband
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra
San Francisco Feetwarmers
Stan Mark
Swamp Dog Jazzband
Tommy Bro's Dixieland Jazzband
Williams Reunion Jazzband
New South Market Street Jazzband
Mardi Gras Band
Great Pacific Jazzband
California Repercussions
Dixie Power Trio
Dixie Cats
Dr. Jazz & the Dixie Hot Shots
Capital Focus Jazzband
Sugar Foot Jazz Band
Grand Dominion Jazzband
Hot Seven
Hot Tomatoes
Igor's Jazz Cowboys
Buck Creek Jazzband
Cell Block Seven
Devil Mountain Jazzband
The Rent Party Revellers
Vista Classic Jazzband
Uptown Lowdown Jazzband
Alcatraz Angels Jazzband
High Sierra Jazzband
Roof Garden Jass Band
Barbary Coast Dixieland Band
Independence Hall Jazzband
Blue Street Jazzband
Paramount Jazzband
Crackerjack Jazzband
Bob Crosby's Bob Cats
Calamity Jazz
Southern Bay Stompers
Jazz Factory
New Melbourne Jazzband
Hoodangers, trad with a twist
The band who knew too much
Paradise City Jazz Band
Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra
Caxton St. Jazzband
Grovelanders Jazzband
Geoff Power
Eric Holroyd
O.T.T. Chicago Swing
Australian Cotton Club Orchestra
Peoria Jazzband

New Zealand
Dixie Dudes

Blue Note Dixie Band
51st Eight
Big Band Trio
Climax Jazzband
Trillium Jazzband
Sultans Easy Life Jazzband
Le Dixieband

Tito Martino Jazzband
Traditional Jazzband
Ramblers Traditional Jazz

Sureña Jazz Band
Doctor's Jazz Band
Small Jazzband
Medical Jazz Band
Fenix Jazz Band
Porteña Jazz Band

Jazz Boilers
Swing Niglots
New Orleans Rascals Jazz Cl;ub

Ministry of Jazz

Leningrad Dixieland Band

Daily Jazz Combo
Jazzband Ball Orchestra

Moby Dixie
All that jazz
Canal Street Jazzband
La Vella Dixieland
Mr Dixie Jazzband
Crazy Fiddle Old Jazzband

Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra

Great Britain
Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band
Southern Sounds Jazzmen
Acoustic Jass
Jazz Gentlemen
Mart Roger's Manchester Jazz
Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra
Bourbon Street Roof Raisers
Chicago Teddy Bears Society JB
Festival Jazzmen
Merseysippi Jazzband
New Riverside Jazzband
Oxford Street Stompers
Pendle Jazzmen
Peninsula Jazzmen
Roy Potts Five and a Penny JB
Quayside Hot Stompers
Raikes Paraders Jazzband
Red Rose Brass Band
Silver Bell Jazzband
Sun Street Stompers
Yarl River Jazzmen
Wyre Levee Stompers
Yarrow River Jazzband
Antique Six Jazzband
Elastic Band
Jazz Aces
Phil Mason's New Orleans all-Stars
Savannah Jazzband
Delta Jazzband
New Orleans Echoes Jazzband
Annie's Saints and Sinners
Anything Goes
Forest New Orleans Jazzband
Fylde Coast Jazzmen
Harlem Hot Stompers
Harmony Hounds
Jim Wilkes Stompers
Mahogany Hall Stompers
Northern Jazz All Stars
Original Panama Jazzband
Parade Jazzband
Wabash Jazzmen
Wirrorleans Jazzband
John Farrell stride piano
Kaminsky Connection
Mardi Gras Jazzband
Dixie Jazz Bandits
Down Home Jazz Band
Bob Kerr and his Whoopee Band
Savoy Jazzmen

Havana Swing
Fat Sam's Band

Martello Jazzband

Dusty Lane Jazz Band
Ray Collins' Hot Club
Sun Lane ltd.
Dixieland Connexion
New Orleans Syncopators
Old Merry Tale Jazzband
Old Marytown Jazzband
Blech and Blue Jazz Band
Grafschafter Dixie Gang
Engelbert Wrobels Swing Society
Les Enfants du Jazz
Viva Creole
Borby Dixies
Die Gluzger
Rentner Band
Jazzmo Dixie Gang
All that Jazz
Jolly Jazz Fools
Tante Friedas Jazzkränzchen
Dixie Friends Krombach
Original Blütenweg Jazzer
Seatown Seven
Schmackes Brass Band
Jazz for fun
Jazzin' Screwballs
Katteker Jazzband
Old Time Jazz Collegium
New Georgie's Jazz Corporation
Swinging Feetwarmers Jazzband
Basement Blue Blowers
Storm Town jazz Company
Get Happy Brass Band
Stoker Jazzband
Dark Down Stompers
Stonehead Stompers
Schobse Riverboat Dixie's
Mountain Village Jazzmen
Old-Time-Memory JazzBand
Blue Wonder Jazzband
Dixieman Four
New Orleans Feetwarmers
Norbert Susemihl
Maryland Jazzband of Cologne
Peter and the swinging Petrels
Hot Shots
Saratoga Seven Jazzband
Schampus all Stars
Stützles Halbe Stompers
Veterinary Street Jazzband
Happy Feet Hamburg
Savoy Dixieland Jazzband
A list of German Jazzbands

List of Geneva based jazz bands
Bauchnuschti Stompers
Royal Sonesta Jazzband
The Jumping Notes
Black Bottom Stompers
Loverfield Jazzband
Shakesbeer Stompers
A list of 50 Swiss Trad Jazzbands
Swiss Dixie Stompers
Alabama Jazzband
Casa Loma Jazzband
Harlem Ramblers
New Harlem Ramblers

Raika Dixie Band
Murvalley Dixieland Band

Rimini Dixieland Jazz Band
Ticinium Jazzband
Milano Hot Jazz Orchestra
Classic Jazz Five
DixinItaly Jazzband
Hopeless Jazzband
River Boat Stompers Jazzband
The Old Jazz Circus Band
Milano Jazz Gang
Tiger Dixie Band
Odd Fellows N.O. Quartet
Chicago Stompers

Slovak Republic
Bratislava Hot Serenaders

Dixie Jam Session
Bohem Ragtime Jazzband
Benko Dixieland Band

Hot Club de France

Pic' Pulses
Sac a Pulses
Les Haricots Rouges
Old Cats Dixieland Band
Dixie Roses

Czech Republic
Staromìstský Dixieland
Steam Boat Stompers
Albis Jazzband

Good Time Jazz Band

Hot White Chocolates
Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra
Blue Horn Jazz Band
R¢shnes Jazz Band

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